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[30.08.17] Why HMRC might choose to investigate your company

It is estimated that approximately 7% of HMRC investigations are random, in order to keep business owners on their toes, but the vast majority of inspections are triggered for a specific reason, where HMRC thinks there is an issue. Here are some of the reasons why HMRC could decide to launch an investigation:   Regular […]

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[25.08.17] Have you filed your tax return yet?

The deadline for submitting online tax returns may not be until 31st January but if you are planning to submit a paper return the deadline is 31st October which isn’t actually that far away! Even if you will be submitting your tax return electronically it is still worth getting it done in good time and […]

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[20.08.17] Small Business Advice Week

4th to 10th September is Small Business Advice Week. Started 14 years ago, the week was set up to help the country’s 4.5 million SMEs thrive in tough times, with advice from leading experts and businesses across Britain. The theme for 2017 is growth and productivity, with the week set to see leading experts and […]

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[01.08.17] 20 tips for business owners to stay sane

As part of our 20th birthday celebrations we’ve put together a list of ’20 tips for business owners to stay sane’.

Running your own business can be rewarding, and there are many advantages to being in control of your working life, but sometimes this responsibility and the non-stop work, decision-making and staff management can take its toll.

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[26.07.17] Pensions auto-enrolment update

For many businesses their auto-enrolment deadline has already passed and they are already fulfilling their requirements. The size of a business and when it started to pay employees affects when the government requires it to auto-enrol, but the absolute cut off point for all businesses is February next year. Online local services marketplace,, carried […]

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[10.07.17] Credit control – don’t let slow payers put your business at risk

It doesn’t matter how successful your business is in terms of the amount of work you’re getting, how many clients you have or how much work you are invoicing each month if those invoices are not being paid.

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