We’ll remove the hassle of Accounts, providing you with solid advice

Don’t get bogged down with worries about accounts. Call Castletons and we’ll lift the burden from your shoulders.

Keeping you on track with fast and efficient accounts – and paying the minimum amount of tax.

Unlike many firms of accountants, we don’t try to fit every client into the same service ‘box’. Rather, we fine-tune our service to fit each client, meet your budget needs and give you maximum benefit. We recognise that many well-run businesses don’t need our intervention throughout the year – all you need is a set of Year End Accounts and a simple Tax Assessment and our charges will reflect this simple involvement.

On the other hand, if you recognise that you don’t have in-house time or skills to produce regular management or end-of-year accounts, we’ll be happy to provide the necessary expertise. Better still, we will always discuss the accounts with you after the year-end and point out any areas which could lead to improvements in profits or efficiency. It’s all part of the service!

Regardless of the level of support and advice you require, we always have an eye on how we can minimise the amount of tax you need to pay, ensuring that you are set up in the most tax efficient way possible.


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