Building relationships

Unlike many firms of accountants, we love to get to know our clients and build long-lasting relationships. After all, if we don’t understand what makes you ‘tick’ we can’t help you make the most of your business.

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, so here’s what a few of our clients say about us…


“I have been with Castletons for over 5 years now and the service has been very good. They process our payroll, provide documents when requested by various governing bodies within our industry, and provide financial statements on a timely basis. Andrew is always available to discuss our account and for help with tax planning or other issues as they arise.”

Ronald Amoore
Managing Director
Consumer Protection Services Ltd



“We have worked with the team at Castletons for over 10 year and always found their ability to provide highly professional results combined with friendly and understandable explanations extremely valuable to us in both business and personal financial matters. I am very happy to recommend Castletons to any individual or business seeking an accountant to work with them.”

Lisa Connor
E Connor of Cheshire



“We want to concentrate on the business of dentistry, so Castletons’ help in analysing our financial situation throughout the year, and assisting us in maximising our potential and minimising our tax has been invaluable over the past four years.”

Alastair Kennedy
Gaskell Avenue Dental Practice Limited



“Working with Castletons over the years has been great. It is so refreshing to find a firm of accountants that are proactive rather than reactive.”

Ian Ford
Thomas Ford & Sons


“I have found the services of Andrew and the team at Castletons faultless. The process of finding the right accounting support was made far easier through the flexibility we found with Castletons.  For me having the peace of mind that a capable team are completing my bookkeeping and tax
matters allows me to focus on growing my business.”

Darren Patt

PG Management Services LLP



“I have been very happy to deal on a regular basis with Castletons for several years now on both personal and business matters. The originality and quality of service is both refreshing and helpful and I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Castletons.”

Dennis L Morgan
Senior Partner
Pilling & Co, Stockbrokers



“As a sole trader I used to do my own accounts as I saw an accountant as simply another expense I could do without.

However after an initial meeting with Andrew from Castletons my opinion changed. The knowledge these guys have on what can and can’t be done with regards to tax is second to none. I didn’t have the time, or the inclination, to keep up to date with the constant changes in tax laws or accounting practices so I decided to let the professionals do it for me. I have to say that since I made the decision two years ago I haven’t looked back. The team at Castletons have always made themselves available to me to answer any questions I have had and have always advised in a friendly and professional manner.

Since starting relationship with Castletons I have expanded my business into a number of different areas and I have always taken advice from Andrew on the most efficient way to structure things. He has always been there to assist with the workload if I have asked and I have to say that hiring Castletons to do my accounts has been one of the best decisions I have made so far.

Whether talking about simple things like the best way to buy a car or discussing more complicated items like the sale of assets, Andrew has always been friendly and approachable and I would highly recommend him, and Castletons, to anyone looking for a local, professional firm of accountants.

Don’t sit back, like me, and think you can do your books yourself, focus on what you do and let Castletons assist you with what they do best. I am sure you will quickly see that having an accountant should not be seen as a simple expense.”

Craig Maroney


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