Do you love your accountant?



With Valentine’s Day upon us, it got us thinking about the subject of love and about how important the relationship between a client and their accountant is. Now in all seriousness we don’t really expect you to ‘love’ us, but at the same time we do want to ensure we’re meeting – and even exceeding – your expectations and that the relationship is working for both parties.

We’re not just here to do your book-keeping, payroll, tax returns etc; we can give valuable business advice to help you improve cashflow, reduce debtors, operate in the most tax-efficient manner, maximise profits and expand your business. Make use of us – ask us for help and advice!

On a related note, if your loved one is an accountant, don’t be fooled into thinking they’ll appreciate a novelty chocolate calculator as a Valentine’s gift – we’ve experienced all the accountant’s jokes / novelty gifts a hundred times before. Stick with the tried and tested romantic meal / flowers / wine is our advice!

Castletons Accountants

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