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Thursday 2nd July 2020 should have been our BBQ on our Drive for our clients, contacts and neighbours. Unfortunately the pandemic has prevented us from hosting our BBQ. However, to mark the day we wanted to share our BBQ Tips!

The barbecue is a versatile cooking tool, it’s an oven and smoker as well as a fierce grill, and many don’t use it to it’s full potential!

How many times have you been invited to a BBQ to eat at 4pm, but there’s no sign of any food until 8pm! The key to a good BBQ is start early. Light the coals or get the gas barbecue up to temperature, and tend it. The trick with low and slow barbecuing is to keep the temperature even. Brits tend to throw a whole bag of coal with a pack of firelighters and cook when it’s raging hot. Don’t. Start with a third of a bag, or find the right level on the gas and keep it there. This is an exercise in restraint and patience! Take up yoga and practise some breathing techniques to ensure that you don’t start cooking too early!

The meat is also important. Most cuts of brisket in the UK have been trimmed of almost all fat. However, you need this fat when cooking low and slow. It’ll keep the meat beautifully moist.

Top chefs are not afraid to use a meat thermometer, so we shouldn’t be. Using a thermometer will ensure that you never serve uncooked meat.

The most important part of a good BBQ event, is relaxing and enjoying your guests’ company, over a cocktail or two.

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