Pension Auto Enrolment – Declaration of Compliance and what’s involved



We have written before Auto Enrolment and we held a seminar on the topic around 18 months ago.  However, we wanted to remind you about the Scheme.

Every employer in the UK must enrol staff into a pension scheme and contribute towards it, this is called “Auto Enrolment”. Regardless of the type of business you own, if you employ staff in the UK then you will need to comply with changes to workplace pensions law.

The date the law is ‘switched on’ for your business is known as your staging date. This is the date auto enrolment duties come into effect for your company and is set in law.

All employers must show they have met their legal duties for automatic enrolment by completing a Declaration of Compliance using the online service. The deadline to submit the declaration is five months after your staging date.

The declaration will be an accurate overview of your employees on the staging date and each employee must be accounted for on the declaration. If employers do not have any employees to automatically enrol they must still complete their Declaration of Compliance.

Employers should start completing their declaration as soon as possible to avoid fines. Failure to complete your declaration or if it is not completed on time could lead to a fine.

If you would like help with Auto Enrolment please contact Jackie or Andrew on 01625 524127.

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