Relax over the Christmas Break


There has been much publicity around the importance of looking after our and our employees’ mental health.  But do business owners really consider their mental health?

A recent study found that only 57% of business owners take a break during the year.  They may say they are taking a break, but as most family members of a business owner would testify, this is a façade.  The business owner will still be checking and replying to emails, following up work activities that employees were due to undertake, taking and making phone calls, as well as thinking about the business. 

Studies have found that not taking a break from work can lead to several health issues including lack of sleep, impaired memory, and heart disease.  It can also negatively affect the business, because of the business owner’s loss of focus, reduction of interpersonal skills, and impaired judgement calls.  These studies demonstrate that it is essential that business owners, as well as employees, find a true work-life balance, and take time-out from their business.

Taking a break from the business, not only enables the business owner to recharge their batteries, but it also provides an opportunity to put things in perspective, enabling the business owner to make better decisions.

For most business owners, the Christmas period provides a great opportunity to relax and recharge.  Most businesses close-down over the Christmas period, so with your customers and suppliers also taking a break, it can be a great time to switch-off.  Clearly there are some exceptions, particularly in retail, hospitality and in the North Pole!

So for all of our retail and hospitality clients, we wish you all the best over the Christmas period.  We hope it is a busy and prosperous period.  For all of our other clients, we hope that you have a relaxing break with your family and friends.

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