The greatest risk to your online security is YOU


Earlier this year our spy agency, GCHQ warned everybody to stop using their favourite football team or favourite band as their online password.  GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) division published the 100,000 most commonly used passwords, which reveal that hundreds of thousands of people are using easy-to-guess passwords.  More than 280,000 people use “liverpool” as an online password, while the most commonly used internet passwords are “123456,” which is used for 23.2million accounts, whilst “123456789,” is used for 7.7millilon accounts.

Despite these statistics why do we believe that we are impervious to cyber attacks?

In February of this year we were joined by renowned Cyber Security expert, Graham Fern of Axon IT where he talked us through the ‘business’ of hacking; and the different ways that we make ourselves vulnerable to hackers.  As a result of his presentation, we reviewed our personal and business online security protocols, processes and systems.

His presentation was frightening – and fascinating.  We believe that all of our clients, regardless of how good you think your security is, should hear Graham’s presentation.  We have therefore invited Graham back to deliver his presentation again – Wednesday 2nd October 4pm until 6pm. 

If you only attend one business event this year – we would urge you to make this the one.  Please book HERE.

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