Use Christmas to de-compress and plan for 2016



The Christmas break is imminent, and we would like to wish all of our clients a restful Christmas break.  However, will it be a restful break?  Research suggests that three quarters of business owners continue to work during holidays.  Clearly for some business owners the Christmas holiday can be their busiest time of year; but for others it should be a time to rest and reboot.

Recover & Reboot

Entrepreneurs generally work longer hours than employees.  Over time these long hours can have a draining effect, hampering productivity and building up exhaustion and stress.  Taking a break will help your mind and body recover from this exhaustion; enabling your mind to reboot and refocus.


As you start to rest your mind will stop working within the business; you will stop thinking, and indeed worrying about the detail of your business.  Instead your mind will start reflecting on the business, allowing you to gain some perspective, and potentially freeing-up your mind to think about how you might do things differently.


Spending time away from the business enables you to focus on family and friends, as well as past-times; enabling you to re-balance your life and relationships which can have a positive effect on your ability to manage your time and any stresses.

No Cheating

Technology makes it really difficult for us to switch off – we fool ourselves into believing that keeping an eye on our emails won’t take long; and then before we know it we’ve spent a couple of hours replying to the emails and pushing things forward.

We know that it is difficult for business owners to relax; but the Christmas break gives you the opportunity to de-compress, reflect on how 2015 has gone, and plan for 2016.  So just as you know that a key piece of machinery should have regular servicing to keep it in tip-top condition, business owners are no different!

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