Why HMRC might choose to investigate your company



It is estimated that approximately 7% of HMRC investigations are random, in order to keep business owners on their toes, but the vast majority of inspections are triggered for a specific reason, where HMRC thinks there is an issue.

Here are some of the reasons why HMRC could decide to launch an investigation:


Regular late submission of your tax return

If you are regularly late filing your tax return without an explanation this is going to flag up a potential problem to HMRC. Make sure you keep to deadlines.


Regular mistakes on your tax returns

One-off mistakes happen – after all tax returns can be complicated. However, if mistakes are happening on a regular basis HMRC are going to investigate further. Using an accountant should help to ensure your tax returns are completed accurately and correctly.


Fluctuations in your profitability

Naturally your turnover and profit figures will change year on year but drastic fluctuations will be picked up by HMRC. In particular, if your expenditure increases and income falls, this reduces your tax liability and is something HMRC will want to investigate. Make sure you add details to your tax return explaining any such discrepancies.


Your financial figures don’t match industry standards

If your business figures show you to be drastically under or over performing compared to similar businesses this is going to cause HMRC to take a closer look.


Not declaring all your income

This sounds obvious, but make sure you don’t overlook any sources of income, however small. Include income from, for example, sale of assets, rental of property, returns on investments.


Unjustified expense claims

Again this sounds obvious, but it is important that business expenses are legitimate and properly recorded. Keep accurate records and file copies of receipts.


Not making a profit

It is not uncommon for new business not to make a profit, or for established business to have a blip. However, if your business has been running for years and hasn’t yet turned a profit, this will look suspicious and HMRC will want to investigate how you are keeping the business running at a loss for so long.


Using an accountant is looked upon favourably by HMRC and can help to prevent investigations being triggered – as well as making your life simpler by letting an expert deal with your accounting and tax responsibilities.

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