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Most business owners are already incredibly busy, and they tell us that they are looking to do even more.  Here we consider how your business can achieve more without you having to work every hour of the day, ie. how can you work more efficiently!

Stop multi-tasking

We know that women believe they are good at multi-tasking and men believe they aren’t!  Well it would seem that the men have had it right all along.  Evidence suggests that concentrating on one or two tasks at a time and giving them your undivided attention ensures that you get those tasks done more quickly and effectively, than if you try to multi-task.


A lot of productivity is lost when people believe that they have to do every task themselves.  All that happens is that you burn the midnight oil too often, and eventually burn out.  The trick is to breakdown a project into a list of tasks and empower others to undertake some of the tasks; whilst you focus on those tasks that you are good at and can rattle through quickly.

Communicate appropriately

Poor communication wastes a lot of time through people misunderstanding: what was expected of them; the deadlines; or who else to engage with about the project.  Invest time at the start of a project to communicate effectively and appropriately.

Plan, plan and execute

We all know that failing to plan is planning to fail; and yet many business owners don’t plan their days effectively.  We have many tools at our disposal to plan our days and our projects.  Ensure that you use them.  Also ensure that you don’t continuously plan to do something – better known as procrastinating – get on and execute your plan!

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