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[20.03.16] National Living Wage

George Osborne’s National Living Wage comes into force this week, a policy that will have a significant impact on many employers.

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[10.03.16] Performance Management

The aim of managing performance is to continuously improve the performance of individuals and that of the organisation. It involves ensuring that the performance of employees contributes to the business goals and objectives.

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[27.01.16] Year-End Action Points

The end of the tax year, 5th April, seems a while off, but it will soon be here. This year it is a particularly key tax planning deadline, because of four major changes.

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[20.01.16] Working Efficiently

Most business owners are already incredibly busy, and they tell us that they are looking to do even more. Here we consider how your business can achieve more without you having to work every hour of the day.

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[12.01.16] Are you innovating?

There are two tax incentives for innovation – R&D Tax Credits and Patent Box. Our blog provides you with information on both.

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[04.01.16] Apprenticeships – providing young, enthusiastic talent

Apprenticeships provide young, enthusiastic talent. All businesses face issues finding and nurturing talent. The apprenticeship scheme is the Government’s answer to matching your needs with the need for young people to develop skills and receive experience.

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